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The Actors Workshop (Beirut, Lebanon) was founded by actor/director Jacques Maroun to train actors at all levels, from professional to aspiring talents, for film, television, and the stage. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/theworkshopbeirut.

Big Lake Theater (Chicago, IL) is committed to creating emotionally complex and physically muscular theater with an emphasis on the role that dynamic stage combat can bring to storytelling.

The British American Drama Academy (London, England) was founded in 1984 to enable students from around the world to study classical theatre with leading actors and directors of the British stage. For more information, visit www.badaonline.com.

The CRY HAVOC Company (New York, NY) is a not-for-profit theater in New York City committed to creating raw, provocative, and humane theater by approaching all plays – both comedy and drama – as conflicts between individuals struggling to do what each desperately believes is right. The CRY HAVOC artistic community is comprised of more than 250 actors, writers, directors, and designers at all levels of training and professional advancement – from college students to seasoned Broadway professionals. For more information, visit www.cryhavoccompany.org.

Ithaca College Underground (Ithaca, NY) is a series of independently produced student theatre. Now active for many years, the series seeks to generate student activity in the performing arts by staging theatrical experiences that stretch and challenge the participants' education. The work of the IC Underground has always been a collection of ground-breaking plays, musicals, and dance finding a place in the IC theatre scene. The Underground has been running for decades and plans to continue the daring performances it is known for. For more information, visit www.ithaca.edu.

Hallway Studio Theatre (New York City, NY) was founded by students and alumni from the MFA program at the Actors Studio Drama School with the goal of bridging the gap and helping to network between current students and alumni through collaboration on independent projects.

Harlowquinn Theatre (Whitefish, MT), housed in the Harlow Boutique and Art Space, is committed to bringing feisty and fun theater to northwest Montana. For more information, visit www.myharlow.com.

Jakarta International School (Jakarta, Indonesia) With five original students, Jakarta International School was founded by UN workers in 1951. These pioneers introduced relevant schooling in English for children of expats in the newfound Republic of Indonesia. Today, with 2400 students, over 250 faculty and countless alumni and parents contributing daily to the school's legacy and the world, JIS is encouraged, humbled and motivated to keep learning together for the sake of its students' borderless future. For more information, visit www.jisedu.or.id.

The Joburg Theatre (Johannesburg, South Africa) is dedicated to the practice of youth development: incubating artists; developing and unleashing productions that hold up the flag of excellence and the banner of relevance; and imbibing a theatre-going culture in Johannesburg’s youth. For more information, visit www.joburgtheatre.com.

The Keller Theatre (Giessen, Germany) was founded in 1958 as part of the Entertainment Branch for the American military (USAREUR). It is the oldest English-language theatre in Germany. Since the American forces left Giessen in 2007, the theatre has been successfully run by the “friends of the Keller Theatre e.V”, a private club, consisting of native speakers and non-native speakers from various nations, and its artistic-director Martin P. Koob. It still provides a full season-programm with 4 shows, a guest-show and several other activities like monologue- and One-Acts nights, and is currently in its 54th season. It has always been an objective of “the Keller” to not only rely on the classics but also work with young and fresh playwrights. The Keller is therefore delighted to be part of CRY HAVOC’s anniversary event. For more information, visit www.keller-theatre.de.

Little Feat Theatre (Melbourne, Australia) a theatre company dedicated to expanding the craft of the actor to become self sufficient theatre makers involved in all aspects of theatrical production including writing, directing and producing. We aim to nurture and develop new Australian plays that are exciting, cutting edge and speak to a contemporary audience both in Australia and internationally. For more information, visit www.featinspace.com.

Little Theatre Group (San Jose, Costa Rica) was founded in 1949 by Bert Williams and is the oldest continuously running English-language theatre in Central or South America. Currently, the group puts on a minimum of four productions a year, offering the English-speaking community, audience and actors alike, a choice of modern, classical, serious and farce. Continuing in the tradition of its founders, the LTG today strives to contribute to the entire Costa Rican community. The group regularly donates to charity, sponsors school drama festivals, trains new directors, and takes productions on the road to the more remote areas of the country. For more information, visit www.littletheatregroup.org.

Rothera Research Station (Antarctic Peninsula) is British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) centre for biology, geosciences and atmospheric science programmes. As the largest of the five BAS research stations, Rothera is the logistics centre for support of Antarctic field science with a 900m long crushed rock runway allowing aircraft to land. During the Antarctic summer months around 100 people are based on the research station. British Antarctic Survey, a component of the Natural Environment Research Council, delivers and enables world-leading interdisciplinary research in the Polar Regions. Its skilled science and support staff based in Cambridge, Antarctica and the Arctic, work together to deliver research that uses the Polar Regions to advance our understanding of Earth as a sustainable planet. Through its extensive logistic capability and know-how BAS facilitates access for the British and international science community to the UK polar research operation. Numerous national and international collaborations, combined with an excellent infrastructure help sustain a world leading position for the UK in Antarctic affairs. For more information visit www.antarctica.ac.uk.

Theater Dramadrivhuset (Oslo, Norway) is the alumni company of The Norwegian Actors Institute (Norsk Skuespillerinstitutt). NSKI is a Norwegian Government recognized three-year acting conservatory. Founded in 2009, it is currently the only film acting program in Scandinavia. The school aims to provide its students with skills necessary to develop themselves as independent artists within the film and television industry. The actors and actresses all reach a professional level of skills at graduation. For more information, visit www.nski.no.

Theatre Intime of Princeton University (Princeton, NJ) is Princeton University's premier independent student-run theatrical venue. Theatre Intime has provided the finest quality entertainment for the Princeton student body and the surrounding community for more than ninety years. For more information, visit www.theatreintime.org.

The Transfjúz Company (Budapest, Hungary) consists of artists working in various artistic fields. With the utilization of theatrical instruments (even nonverbal theater, pantomime, and performances), installations, photography, film, new media art, The Transfjúz Company forms a bridge between individuals and the problems of our society. For more information, visit www.transfjuz.hu.

University of Regina Theater Department (Regina, SK, Canada) blends practical training with the study of theatre history and theory to suit each student's interests and career path. Students enjoy small classes, maximum student-teacher contact time and hands-on training in one of the newest and finest theatre facilities in Canada. For more information, visit www.uregina.ca/finearts/theatre.

UJ Arts & Culture (Johannesburg, South Africa) is a world-class performing and visual arts facility offering a wide range of vocational and hands-on practical training programmes in various aspects of the performing arts on all four UJ campuses. The UJ Arts Centre is located on the Kingsway Campus and comprises an art gallery, a 436-seater state of the art theatre, dance studios and choir rooms. Other facilities include the intimate Experimental Theatre on the Kingsway Campus and the 150-seater Con Cowan Theatre and dance studios on the Bunting Road Campus. In addition to producing student drama, dance and musical theatre, these venues also serve as receiving houses for professional South African and international productions, concerts, exhibitions and events. For more information, visit www.uj.ac.za/EN/ArtsandCulture.