The CRY HAVOC Company develops new plays and reinvestigates existing plays in an environment that demands that artists challenge the boundaries of their talent and technique. We approach all plays as conflict between individuals struggling to do what each desperately believes is right. CRY HAVOC provides a critical resource for new play development in the form of a community rich in artists devoted to and practiced in the development of new work. We are dedicated to maintaining a resident company of actors, writers, and directors committed to sharing the fruits of our rigorous development process through the immediate power of live performance.

The CRY HAVOC Company…
  • is a developmental company. All projects – both new plays and plays from the canon – develop through a structured process.
  • believes that the most complex, challenging, and fulfilling drama is grounded in conflict between individuals who are all desperately struggling to do what they believe is right.
  • provides a supportive creative community and an environment that encourages strong personal creative relationships.
  • believes that there is an inherent value for theater artists in working with trusted, regular collaborators.
  • cultivates a community of support that is interested not only in a theatrical product, but also the process by which that product is made.
  • serves an audience that values their theater-going experience as an opportunity to engage, rather than to escape.
  • believes that the work of theater artists is not only an art, but also a craft that demands continuous work.
  • promotes and supports the ongoing craft development of theater artists as an integral part of all of its programs and activities.
  • understands that there are a set of skills specific to the development of new work – and sets out to cultivate those skills in artists of all theatrical disciplines.
  • believes that sometimes working is an end unto itself, even if that work is never seen by an audience.
  • is committed to the principle that our production mechanisms exist to support our developmental programs, not vice-versa. We do not develop projects to be produced, we provide a means of producing the best work that we have developed.
The CRY HAVOC Company